What is Ready ?

Ready is (adj) 1. prepared for something Hold on I’ll be ready in two minutes. Are all the children ready to go to school? Why isn’t the coach here? The group are all ready and waiting to go. ready for anything prepared to do anything Now that I’ve had some food, I’m ready for anything! 2. fit to be used or eaten Don’t sit down yet the meal isn’t ready. Is my dry cleaning ready yet? 3. willing She’s always ready to help in the garden. 4. ready cash, ready money cash which is immedi ately available (informal.) I won’t be able to come out tonight as I’m a bit short of ready cash. I always keep some ready cash handy in case of emergencies. (noun) (informal.) at the ready prepared They stood with guns at the ready. get ready 1. to prepare yourself for something How long will it take you to get ready for the wedding? 2. to get something prepared We need to get the dinner ready the guests will be arriving in 30 minutes.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level