What is Waste?

Waste is (noun) 1. an unnecessary use of time or money It is a waste of time asking the boss for a rise. That computer is a waste of money – there are plenty of cheaper models. 2. rubbish, things which are no use and are thrown away Put all your waste in the rubbish bin. The dustmen col lect household waste once a week. (verb) to use more of something than you need They wasted so much food at the reception and had to throw it away. Don’t waste time putting your shoes on – jump out of the window now. We turned off all the heating so as not to waste energy. waste not, want not if you don’t waste anything, you will never lack things when you really need them (old saying) (adj) 1. useless, ready to be thrown away We have heaps of waste paper to take to the dump. Waste products should not be dumped in the sea. 2. (of land.) not used for growing crops or for building on to lay waste to destroy the crops and buildings in an area during a war, so that the land cannot be used again


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level