What is Hoot ?

Hoot is (noun) 1. a call made by an owl the ghostly hoot of the owl in the night hoots of laughter loud laughter His imitation of Elvis provoked hoots of laughter. 2. the sound of a car horn The sudden hoot of a car horn made her jump. 3. not to care a hoot or not to give a hoot about something not to worry about something at all (informal.) I don’t care a hoot about the meeting – I’m staying in to watch TV. (verb) 1. (of an owl.) to make a loud cry An owl hooted in the distance. to hoot with laughter to laugh wildly He had the audience hooting with laughter. 2. to sound a car horn He hooted at the sheep to get them to move.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level