Bag of tricks

What is Bag of tricks?

Bag of tricks definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a container or receptacle of leather, plastic, cloth, paper, etc., capable of being closed at the mouth; pouch.
something resembling or suggesting such a receptacle.

a suitcase or other portable container for carrying articles, as in traveling.
a purse or moneybag.
the amount or quantity a bag can hold.
any of various measures of capacity.
a sac, as in an animal body.
an udder.
Slang. a small glassine or cellophane envelope containing a narcotic drug or a mixture of narcotics.
something hanging in a loose, pouchlike manner, as skin or cloth; a baggy part: He had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.
Baseball. base1(def 8b).
Hunting. the amount of game taken, especially by one hunter in one hunting trip or over a specified period.
Slang. a person’s avocation, hobby, major interest, or obsession: Jazz isn’t my bag. a person’s mood or frame of mind: The boss is in a mean bag today. an environment, condition, or situation.

bags, Informal. plenty; much; many (usually followed by of): bags of time; bags of money.Slang. trousers.

verb (used without object), bagged, bagA.ging.
to swell or bulge: A stiff breeze made the sails bag out.
to hang loosely like an empty bag: His socks bagged at the ankles.

to pack groceries or other items into a bag.

verb (used with object), bagged, bagA.ging.
to cause to swell or bulge; distend: The wind bagged the curtain.
to put into a bag.

Informal. to kill or catch, as in hunting: I bagged my first deer when I was a teenager.
Slang. to quit, abandon, or skip (often used in the phrase bag it): I bagged my math class today. We’d better bag the deal. I was working too hard so I decided to bag it.
Theater. clew(def 9a).

bags! British Slang. (used to lay first claim to something): Bags it! Bags, I go first!