What is Yarding?

Yarding definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the ground that immediately adjoins or surrounds a house, public building, or other structure.
an enclosed area outdoors, often paved and surrounded by or adjacent to a building; court.
an outdoor enclosure designed for the exercise of students, inmates, etc.: a prison yard.
an outdoor space surrounded by a group of buildings, as on a college campus.
a pen or other enclosure for livestock.

an enclosure within which any work or business is carried on (often used in combination): navy yard; a brickyard.
an outside area used for storage, assembly, or the like.
Railroads. a system of parallel tracks, crossovers, switches, etc., where cars are switched and made up into trains and where cars, locomotives, and other rolling stock are kept when not in use or when awaiting repairs.
a piece of ground set aside for cultivation; garden; field.
the winter pasture or browsing ground of moose and deer.
the Yard, British. Scotland Yard(def 2).

verb (used with object)
to put into, enclose, or store in a yard.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/yarding