What is Warm?

Warm is (adj) 1. fairly hot The temperature is below freezing outside but it’s nice and warm in the office. The children tried to keep warm by playing football. Are you warm enough, or do you want another blanket? This coat is not very warm. The winter sun can be quite warm in February. warm as toast nice and warm (informal.) It may be snowy outside, but we’re as warm as toast in our little cottage. 2. pleasant and friendly We had a warm welcome from our friends. She has a really warm personality. 3. you’re getting warm (in a game) you’re near to getting the right answer 4. (of colour.) which looks warm, like red or orange (NOTE: warmer – warmest) (verb) 1. to make hotter Come and warm your hands by the fire. I’ll warm some soup. The greenhouse effect has the result of warming the general temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. 2. to become interested in something, to start to like someone She never really warmed to the subject of her thesis. I think everyone is warming to the new boss. (noun) a place where it is warm I’m not going out for a walk – I’m staying here in the warm.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level