What is Clean ?

Clean is (adj) 1. not dirty Wipe your glasses with a clean handkerchief. The bedrooms must be spotlessly clean. Tell the waitress these cups aren’t clean. The maid forgot to put clean towels in the bathroom. to come clean to confess to, e.g. a crime (informal.) He came clean and owned up to stealing the watch. 2. not used Take a clean sheet of paper. 3. with no record of offences Candidates should hold a clean driving licence. 4. fair, according to the rules We played a good clean game of football. (NOTE: cleaner – cleanest)(verb) to make something clean, by taking away dirt Remember to clean your teeth every morning. She was cleaning the kitchen when the telephone rang. He cleans his car every Saturday morning. Antonym soil(adv) completely I clean forgot to send the letter. (noun) the action of cleaning The restaurant kitchen needs a good clean.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level