What is Quasi-dependent?

Quasi-dependent definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
relying on someone or something else for aid, support, etc.
conditioned or determined by something else; contingent: Our trip is dependent on the weather.
subordinate; subject: a dependent territory.
Grammar. not used in isolation; used only in connection with other forms. In I walked out when the bell rang, when the bell rang is a dependent clause.Compare independent(def 14), main1(def 4).

hanging down; pendent.
Mathematics. (of a variable) having values determined by one or more independent variables. (of an equation) having solutions that are identical to those of another equation or to those of a set of equations.

Statistics. (of an event or a value) not statistically independent.

a person who depends on or needs someone or something for aid, support, favor, etc.
a child, spouse, parent, or certain other relative to whom one contributes all or a major amount of necessary financial support: She listed two dependents on her income-tax form.

Archaic. a subordinate part.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/quasi-dependent