floppy disk

What is floppy disk?

floppy disk meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A 3 1/2-inch external metallic magnetic disk encased in a rigid plastic envelope designed for use in a personal computer as a portable storage medium for data in digital format (see this example). The most commonly used sizes are 720K (double-density) and 1.44MB (high-density). Before 1987, most PCs used flexible 5 1/4-inch floppies. To conserve paper, libraries encourage users of online catalogs and bibliographic databases to save search results to floppy disk (or export output to an e-mail account), instead of printing. In microcomputers, the floppy disk drive is the a:\ drive. Click here to learn more about floppy disks, courtesy of HowStuffWorks. Synonymous with diskette. Compare with hard disk.


reference: ABC-CLIO