What is Celling?

Celling definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a small room, as in a convent or prison.
any of various small compartments or bounded areas forming part of a whole.
a small group acting as a unit within a larger organization: a local cell of the Communist party.
Biology. a usually microscopic structure containing nuclear and cytoplasmic material enclosed by a semipermeable membrane and, in plants, a cell wall; the basic structural unit of all organisms.
Entomology. one of the areas into which the wing of an insect is divided by the veins.

Botany. locule.
Electricity. Also called battery, electric cell, electrochemical cell, galvanic cell, voltaic cell.a device that generates electrical energy from chemical energy, usually consisting of two different conducting substances placed in an electrolyte.Compare dry cell.solar cell.

Also called electrolytic cell. Physical Chemistry. a device for producing electrolysis, consisting essentially of the electrolyte, its container, and the electrodes.
Aeronautics. the gas container of a balloon.
Ecclesiastical. a monastery or nunnery, usually small, dependent on a larger religious house.
Telecommunications. one of the distinct geographical areas covered by a radio transmitter in a cellular phone system.cell phone.

verb (used without object)
to live in a cell: The two prisoners had celled together for three years.


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