What is Discutient?

Discutient definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment.
any abnormal condition in a plant that interferes with its vital physiological processes, caused by pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, unfavorable environmental, genetic, or nutritional factors, etc.
any harmful, depraved, or morbid condition, as of the mind or society: His fascination with executions is a disease.
decomposition of a material under special circumstances: tin disease.

verb (used with object), disA.eased, disA.easA.ing.
to affect with disease; make ill.


reference: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/discutient