What is Coronal?

Coronal definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a crown; coronet.
a garland.

of or relating to a coronal.
Anatomy. of or relating to a corona. (of a plane along the long axis of the body) lying in the direction of the coronal suture.Also frontal. lying in the direction of the frontal plane.

Phonetics. (of a speech sound) articulated with the tip of the tongue, especially in a retroflex position.
Linguistics. (in distinctive feature analysis) articulated with the blade of the tongue raised; dental, alveolar, or palato-alveolar.

of or relating to the tip of the tongue.

RELATED WORDSheaddress, headband, bouquet, garland, wreath, diadem, circlet, coronet, chaplet, miter, ringlet, festoon, crown, bay, band, loop, laurel, ring, lei, palm