What is Cold ?

Cold is (adj) 1. with a low temperature; not hot or not heated He had a plate of cold beef and salad. They say that cold showers are good for you. The weather turned colder after Christmas. It’s too cold to go for a walk. If you’re hot, have a glass of cold water. Start eating, or your soup will get cold. in cold blood deliberately, without feeling any pity He killed the children in cold blood. to get cold feet to begin to feel afraid that a plan is too risky (informal.) We wanted to buy an old house and start a hotel business, but my husband got cold feet. 2. not friendly He got a very cold reception from the rest of the staff. She gave him a cold nod. (NOTE: colder – coldest) to give someone the cold shoulder not to give someone a friendly welcome (noun) 1. an illness when you sneeze and cough He caught a cold by standing in the rain at a football match. My sister’s in bed with a cold. Don’t come near me – I’ve got a cold. 2. a cold outdoor temperature He got ill from standing in the cold waiting for a bus. House plants can’t stand the cold. to be left out in the cold not to be part of a group any more


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level