What is Regard?

Regard definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to look upon or think of with a particular feeling: to regard a person with favor.
to have or show respect or concern for.

to think highly of; esteem.
to take into account; consider.
to look at; observe: She regarded him with amusement.
to relate to; concern: The news does not regard the explosion.
to see, look at, or conceive of in a particular way; judge (usually followed by as): I regard every assignment as a challenge. They regarded his behavior as childish.

verb (used without object)
to pay attention.
to look or gaze.

reference; relation: to err with regard to facts.
an aspect, point, or particular: quite satisfactory in this regard.

thought; attention; concern.
look; gaze.
respect, esteem, or deference: a high regard for scholarship.
kindly feeling; liking.
regards, sentiments of esteem or affection: Give them my regards.