What is Rangatiratanga?

Rangatiratanga definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the extent to which or the limits between which variation is possible: the range of steel prices; a wide range of styles.
the extent or scope of the operation or action of something: within range of vision.
the distance to which a projectile is or may be sent by a weapon.

the distance of the target from the weapon.
an area equipped with targets for practice in shooting weapons: a rifle range.
an area used for flight-testing missiles.
the distance of something to be located from some point of operation, as in sound ranging.
the distance that can be covered by an aircraft, ship, or other vehicle, carrying a normal load without refueling.
Statistics. the difference between the largest and smallest values in a statistical distribution.
a continuous course of masonry of the same height from end to end.
Music. compass(def 4).
Surveying. the horizontal direction or extension of a survey line established by two or more marked points. (in U.S. public-land surveys) one of a series of divisions numbered east or west from the principal meridian of the survey and consisting of a row of townships, each six miles square, that are numbered north or south from a base line.

Navigation. a line established by markers or lights on shore for the location of soundings.
a rank, class, or order: in the higher ranges of society.
a row, line, or series, as of persons or things.
an act of ranging or moving around, as over an area or region.
Also called rangeland. an area or tract that is or may be ranged over, especially an open region for the grazing of livestock.
the region over which a population or species is distributed: the range of the Baltimore oriole.
Mathematics. the set of all values attained by a given function throughout its domain.
a chain of mountains forming a single system: the Catskill Range.
a large portable or stationary cooking stove having burners built into the top surface and containing one or more ovens.
Physics. the maximum distance that a charged particle, as a proton, can penetrate a given medium and still maintain sufficient kinetic energy to produce ionization in the medium.
Nautical. a large cleat for securing various lines, especially the tacks and sheets of courses. a length of anchor cable laid on deck.

working or grazing on a range: range horses; range animals like steer and sheep.

verb (used with object), ranged, rang