What is Familiar?

Familiar definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
commonly or generally known or seen: a familiar sight.
well-acquainted; thoroughly conversant: to be familiar with a subject.
informal; easygoing; unceremonious; unconstrained: to write in a familiar style.
closely intimate or personal: a familiar friend; to be on familiar terms.

unduly intimate; too personal; taking liberties; presuming: The duchess disliked familiar servants.
domesticated; tame.
of or relating to a family or household.

a familiar friend or associate.
Also called familiar spirit. Witchcraft and Demonology. a supernatural spirit or demon, often in the form of an animal, supposed to serve and aid a witch or other individual.

Roman Catholic Church. an officer of the Inquisition, employed to arrest accused or suspected persons.a person who belongs to the household of the pope or of a bishop, rendering domestic though not menial service.


reference: www.dictionary.com/browse/familiar