What is Best ?

Best is (adj) 1. very good, better than anything else She’s my best friend. He put on his best suit to go to the interview. What is the best way of getting to London from here? best regards, best wishes a greeting sent to someone Give my best wishes to your father. 2. for the best part of for most of She’s been in bed for the best part of a week. (noun) 1. the thing which is better than anything else The picture shows her at her best. to do your best to do as well as you can She did her best, but didn’t win. all the best best wishes for the future We wished them all the best in their marriage. 2. to make the best of something to take any advantage you can from something They say it will rain this afternoon, so we’d better make the best of the sunshine while it’s here. to make the best of a bad job to do something in spite of terrible conditions It was raining when we stopped for a picnic, so we made the best of a bad job and had our sandwiches in the car. the best of it is that the most interesting or funniest part of the story is that The best of it was that she didn’t recognise him in his Father Christmas outfit. to the best of my knowledge as far as I know 3. best clothes The children were all in their Sunday best. (adv) in the best way The engine works best when it’s warm. Oranges grow best in hot countries. Which of you knows London best? as best you can in the best way you can, even though this may not be perfect He repaired the dent in the car door as best he could.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level