What is Point?

Point definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

a sharp or tapering end, as of a dagger.
a projecting part of anything: A point of land juts into the bay.
a tapering extremity: the points of the fingers.
something having a sharp or tapering end: a pen point.
a pointed tool or instrument, as an etching needle.
a stone implement with a tapering end found in some Middle and Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic cultures and used primarily for hunting.
a mark made with or as if with the sharp end of something: Her sharp heels left points in the carpet.
a mark of punctuation.
See under decimal fraction.
Phonetics. a diacritic indicating a vowel or other modification of sound.
one of the embossed dots used in certain systems of writing and printing for the blind.
something that has position but not extension, as the intersection of two lines.
a place of which the position alone is considered; spot: We’re leaving for Chicago and points west.
any definite position, as in a scale, course, etc.: the boiling point.
(in acupuncture) a particular spot on the body at which a needle may be inserted, as to relieve pain.
Navigation. any of 32 separate horizontal directions, 11