What is Number ?

Number is (noun) 1. a figure 13 is not a lucky number. They live on the opposite side of road at number 49. Can you give me your telephone number? A number 6 bus goes to Oxford Street. Please quote your account number. 2. a quantity of people or things The number of tickets sold was disappointing. A large number of children or large numbers of children will be sitting the exam. There were only a small number of people at the meeting. a number of times often I’ve seen that film a number of times. any number of times very often I’ve been to France any number of times. She could take her driving test any number of times but she still wouldn’t pass it. 3. an issue of a magazine or newspaper We keep back numbers of magazines for six months and then throw them away. 4. a piece of music or a song She played a selection of numbers by Noel Coward. (verb) 1. to give something a number The raffle tickets are numbered 1 to 1000. I refer to our invoices numbered 234 and 235. All the seats are clearly numbered. his days are numbered he has not much time left to live 2. to count Visitors to the exhibition numbered several thousand. He numbers among the most important writers of the 20th century.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level