What is In-?

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a prefix representing English in (income; indwelling; inland, etc.), but used also as a verb-formative with transitive, intensive, or sometimes little apparent force (intrust; inweave, etc.). It often assumes the same forms as in-2, such as en-1, em-1, im-3.





What is In ?

In is prep, (adv) 1. showing place He lives in the country. In Japan it snows a lot during the winter. She’s in the kitchen. He’s still in bed. Don’t stand outside in the pouring rain. 2. at home, in an office, at a station Is the boss in? He isn’t in yet. My husband usually gets in from work about now. The train from Birmingham is due in at 6.30. 3. showing time In autumn the leaves turn brown. On holiday there was nothing to do in the evenings. She was born in 1999. He ate his meal in five minutes. We went for a skiing holiday in January. 4. showing time in the future I’ll be back home in about two hours. She should arrive in twenty minutes’ time. 5. showing a proportion or ratio One in ten of the children wears glasses. (noun) the ins and outs of something the complicated details He knows all the ins and outs of trading on the Internet. (adj) fashionable Round dark glasses are the in thing this summer. Antonym out to be in for something to be about to get something I think we’re in for some bad weather. She’s in for a nasty shock. to be in on something 1. to know something such as a secret Who else was in on the secret? 2. to be involved in planning or discussing something


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level