Double or quits

What is Double or quits?

Double or quits definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
twice as large, heavy, strong, etc.; twofold in size, amount, number, extent, etc.: a double portion; a new house double the size of the old one.
composed of two like parts or members; twofold in form; paired: double doors; a double sink.

of, relating to, or suitable for two persons: a double room.
twofold in character, meaning, or conduct; dual or ambiguous: a double interpretation.
deceitful; hypocritical; insincere.
(of musical instruments) producing a tone an octave lower than the notes indicate.
duple, as time or rhythm.
folded in two; having one half folded over the other.
(of a bed or bedclothes) full-size: a double blanket.
Botany. (of flowers) having many more than the normal number of petals: double petunias; double hollyhocks.

anything that is twofold in size or amount or twice the usual size, quantity, strength, etc.
a duplicate or counterpart; something exactly or closely resembling another: This dress is the double of that. He is the double of his cousin.

Also called double room. a type of hotel accommodation with two beds, or sometimes a double bed, for occupancy by two persons.Compare twin1(def 4).
a fold or plait.
an alcoholic drink containing twice the usual amount of alcohol.
a sudden backward turn or bend, as of a fox on the run in fox hunting; reversal.
a trick or artifice, as of argument in a formal debate.
a substitute actor or singer ready to take another’s place, especially onstage; understudy.
Movies, Television. a substitute who performs feats or actions too hazardous or difficult for a star.body double.

Baseball. two-base hit.
Military. double time.
doubles, (used with a singular verb) a game or match in which there are two players on each side, as in tennis.
(in bridge or other card games) a challenge by an opponent that the declarer cannot fulfill the designated contract, increasing the points to be won or lost.a hand that warrants such a challenge.

Bridge. a conventional bid informing one’s partner that a player’s hand is of a certain strength.
Bowling. two strikes in succession: He needed a double in the tenth frame to win.
daily double.
any of certain feasts in the Roman Catholic Church, marked by a doubled antiphon and taking precedence over lesser feasts.
Music Rare. a variation.
a former coin of France, the sixth part of a sol, issued in silver in the 14th century, later made of copper.

verb (used with object), dou