What is Core?

Core definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the central part of a fleshy fruit, containing the seeds.
the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

Also called magnetic core. Electricity. the piece of iron, bundle of iron wires, or other ferrous material forming the central or inner portion in an electromagnet, induction coil, transformer, or the like.
(in mining, geology, etc.) a cylindrical sample of earth, mineral, or rock extracted from the ground by means of a corer so that the strata are undisturbed in the sample.
the inside wood of a tree.
Anthropology. a lump of stone, as flint, from which prehistoric humans struck flakes in order to make tools.Compare flake tool.
Carpentry. a thickness of wood forming a base for a veneer.a wooden construction, as in a door, forming a backing for veneers.

Engineering. kern2.
Metallurgy. a thickness of base metal beneath a cladding.the softer interior of a piece of casehardened metal.a specially formed refractory object inserted into a mold to produce cavities or depressions in the casting that cannot be readily formed on the pattern.

Geology. the central portion of the earth, having a radius of about 2100 miles (3379 km) and believed to be composed mainly of iron and nickel in a molten state.Compare crust(def 6), mantle(def 3).
Also called reactor core. Physics. the region in a reactor that contains its fissionable material.
Computers. Also called magnetic core.a small ring or loop of ferromagnetic material with two states of polarization that can be changed by changing the direction of the current applied in wires wound around the ring, used to store one bit of information or to perform switching or logical functions.Also called main memory, RAM.a term used to refer to main memory, though no longer made from from coils of ferromagnetic material.

Ropemaking. heart(def 16).
Phonetics. the final segment of a syllable beginning with the vowel and including any following consonants; the nucleus plus the coda.Compare onset(def 3).
the muscles of the torso, which provide support for the spine and pelvis: Building a strong core can help with posture and flexibility and can prevent back injury.

verb (used with object), cored, cor