Frank-starling curve

What is Frank-starling curve?

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adjective,, frankA.est.
direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere: Her criticism of my work was frank but absolutely fair.
without inhibition or subterfuge; direct; undisguised: a frank appeal for financial aid.

Pathology. unmistakable; clinically evident: frank blood.
Archaic. liberal or generous.
Obsolete. free.

a signature or mark affixed by special privilege to a letter, package, or the like to ensure its transmission free of charge, as by mail.
the privilege of franking letters, packages, etc.

a franked letter, package, etc.

verb (used with object)
to mark (a letter, package, etc.) for transmission free of the usual charge, by virtue of official or special privilege; send free of charge, as mail.
to convey (a person) free of charge.

to enable to pass or go freely: to frank a visitor through customs.
to facilitate the comings and goings of (a person), especially in society: A sizable inheritance will frank you faster than anything else.
to secure exemption for.
Carpentry. to assemble (millwork, as sash bars) with a miter joint through the moldings and a butt joint or mortise-and-tenon joint for the rest.