What is Dotter?

Dotter definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

a small, roundish mark made with or as if with a pen.
a minute or small spot on a surface; speck: There were dots of soot on the window sill.
anything relatively small or specklike.
a small specimen, section, amount, or portion: a dot of butter.
a period, especially as used when pronouncing an Internet address.

  1. a point placed after a note or rest, to indicate that the duration of the note or rest is to be increased one half. A double dot further increases the duration by one half the value of the single dot.
  2. a point placed under or over a note to indicate that it is to be played staccato.
Telegraphy. a signal of shorter duration than a dash, used in groups along with groups of dashes and spaces to represent letters, as in Morse code.
Printing. an individual element in a halftone reproduction.