What is Crested?

Crested definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the highest part of a hill or mountain range; summit.
the head or top of anything.

a ridge or ridgelike formation.
the foamy top of a wave.
the point of highest flood, as of a river.
the highest point or level; climax; culmination.
a tuft or other natural growth on the top of the head of an animal, as the comb of a rooster.
anything resembling or suggesting such a tuft.
the ridge of the neck of a horse, dog, etc.
the mane growing from this ridge.
an ornament or heraldic device surmounting a helmet.
a helmet.
a ridge running from front to back along the top of a helmet; comb.
Heraldry. a figure borne above the escutcheon in an achievement of arms, either on a helmet or by itself as a distinguishing device.
Anatomy. a ridge, especially on a bone.
a ridge or other prominence on any part of the body of an animal.
Architecture. a cresting.
Machinery. (in a screw or other threaded object) the ridge or surface farthest from the body of the object and defined by the flanks of the thread.Compare root1(def 15a).

verb (used with object)
to furnish with a crest.
to serve as a crest for; crown or top.

to reach the crest or summit of (a hill, mountain, etc.).

verb (used without object)
to form or rise to a crest, as a wave or river.
to reach the crest or highest level: Interest in the project has crested.

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