What is Bit ?

Bit is (noun) 1. a little piece He tied the bundle of sticks together with a bit of string. Would you like another bit of cake? to come to bits to fall apart The chair has come to bits. to take something to bits to take something apart in order to repair it He’s taking my old clock to bits. thrilled to bits very pleased to love someone to bits to love someone very much 2. a bit a little The painting is a bit too dark. She always plays that tune a bit too fast. Let him sleep a little bit longer. Can you wait a bit, I’m not ready yet. Have you got a piece of wood a bit bigger than this one? a bit much not fair Being told it was my fault when I wasn’t even there is a bit much. bit by bit not all at the same time, little by little He paid back the money he owed, bit by bit. He inched forward, bit by bit, towards the edge of the cliff. not the slightest bit not at all She didn’t sound the slightest bit worried. he or she is a bit of a nuisance he or she is rather a nuisance not a bit of use of no use at all for a bit for a short period of time Can you stop for a bit, I’m getting tired? 3. the smallest unit in a binary system, which has the value of 0 or 1. Compare byte 4. the smallest unit of information that a system can handle 5. a tool which fits into a drill, used for making holes 6. a piece of metal which is put in a horse’s mouth, in order to control it. champ ((verb)) bite


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level