What is Wild?

Wild is (adj) 1. living naturally, not tame Wild dogs roam over parts of Australia. wild animals animals which are living in natural surroundings, as opposed to pets or farm animals We watched a TV programme on wild animals in Africa. 2. wild mountain scenery mountains with features such as high cliffs and waterfalls 3. very angry; very excited He will be wild when he sees what I have done to the car. The fans went wild at the end of the match. to be wild about something to be very interested in something (informal.) She’s wild about motorbikes. beyond your wildest dreams even better than you could expect The results surpassed our wildest dreams. 4. not thinking carefully She made a few wild guesses, but didn’t find the right answer. They had the wild idea of walking across the Sahara. (noun) in the wild living in nature In the wild, elephants can live to a great age. (adv) 1. with a large amount of freedom In this zoo, animals can roam wild in the fields. In the safari park we let the animals run wild. 2. without any control The crowds were running wild through the centre of the town.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level