What is Wedge?

Wedge is (noun) 1. a solid piece of something such as wood, metal or rubber in the shape of a V Put a wedge under the door to hold it open. 2. a piece of anything with a V-shape a wedge of cheese 3. the thin end of the wedge something which seems small and unimportant but which will make things change to a great degree later Allowing the children to stay out till 10.30 is just the thin end of the wedge – in a couple of years’ time they’ll not come home until after midnight! (verb) 1. to put a wedge under something to fix it firmly open or shut She wedged the door open with a piece of wood. 2. to force something into a small space to become wedged, to get wedged to become tightly stuck He got his head wedged between the railings.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level