What is Drop ?

Drop is (noun) 1. a small amount of liquid which falls The roof leaks and we have placed a bucket to catch the drops. Drops of rain ran down the windows. 2. a small amount of liquid would you like a drop of whisky? would you like a small glass of whisky? 3. a liquid medicine to be given in small quantities I was given some drops for my eyes. 4. a distance which you might fall There is a drop of three metres from the bathroom window to the ground. 5. a decrease Sales show a drop of 10%. 6. at the drop of a hat immediately If you phone him he’ll come at the drop of a hat. (verb) 1. to fall or let something fall He dropped the glass and it broke. The plate dropped onto the floor. 2. to decrease Prices are dropping. Take a warm pullover, because at night the temperature can drop quite sharply. the wind has dropped the wind has stopped blowing 3. to let someone get off a bus or car at a place I’ll drop you at your house. The bus dropped her at the school. 4. to drop someone a line to send someone a note (informal.) Drop me a line when you are back from the USA. 5. to give up They have dropped the idea of going to settle in Australia. The whole plan has been dropped because of the cost.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level