What is Welcome?

Welcome is (adj) 1. met or accepted with pleasure The rain was welcome after months of drought. A bowl of warm soup would be welcome. After a game of rugby he had a welcome hot shower or a hot shower was very welcome. 2. welcome to willingly allowed to You’re welcome to use the library whenever you want. (verb) 1. to greet someone in a friendly way The staff welcomed the new assistant to the office. When we arrived at the hotel we were welcomed by a couple of barking guard dogs. 2. to be pleased to hear news I warmly welcome the result of the election. I would welcome any suggestions as to how to stop the water seeping into the basement. (noun) the action of greeting someone There was not much of a welcome from the staff when we arrived at the hotel. Antonym farewell a warm welcome a friendly welcome They gave me a warm welcome. to outstay your welcome to stay longer than your hosts thought you were going to stay


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level