What is Pass ?

Pass is (noun) 1. (in football, etc.) the act of sending the ball to another player He sent a long pass across the field and Smith headed it into goal. 2. a low area where a road can cross between two mountain peaks The Brenner Pass is closed by snow. The road winds steeply up to the pass. 3. a season ticket on a bus or train I left my bus pass at home, so I had to pay for a ticket. 4. a permit to go in or out regularly You need a pass to enter the ministry offices. All members of staff must show a pass. 5. to make a pass at someone to try to start a sexual relationship with someone (verb) 1. to go past someone or something If you walk towards the bank you will pass the office on your right. I passed her on the stairs. If you’re passing the bookshop, can you pick up the book I ordered? 2. to move something towards someone Can you pass me the salt, please? He passed the ball back to the goalkeeper. 3. to be successful in a test or examination He passed in English, but failed in French. She passed her driving test first time! 4. to vote to approve something Parliament has passed a law against the ownership of guns. The proposal was passed by 10 votes to 3. 5. to make a substance leave the body as a waste product or in a waste product His kidneys were affected and he passed blood in his urine. to pass water to make liquid waste leave the body. Synonym urinate


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level