What is Adam?

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the name of the first man: husband of Eve and progenitor of the human race. Gen. 2:7; 5:1a??5.
AA.dolphe Charles [a-dawlf sharl] /aE?dE?lf E?arl/, 1803a??56, French composer of comic opera and ballet music.
James,1730a??94, and his brother Robert, 1728a??92, English architects and furniture designers.
LamA.bert SiA.gisA.bert [lahn-ber see-zheez-ber] /lE?I?E?bE?r sia??E?izE?bE?r/, 1700a??59, and his brother NiA.choA.las SACA.basA.tien [nee-kaw-lah sey-bahs-tyan] /nia??kE?E?lE? seEaa??bE?sE?tyE?I?/, 1705a??78, French sculptors.
a male given name.

of or relating to the style of architecture, decoration, or furnishings associated with Robert and James Adam, characterized by free adaptation of ancient Roman forms and interiors treated with delicate ornament generally painted in light, vivid colors.