What is Tear ?

Tear is a drop of salt water which forms in your eye when you cry Tears were running down her cheeks. in tears crying All the family were in tears. she burst into tears she suddenly started crying 2. a place where something has a hole in it from being torn Can you mend the tear in my jeans? wear and tear (verb) 1. to make a hole in something by pulling He tore his trousers climbing over the fence. My anorak is torn can it be mended? 2. to pull something into pieces He tore the letter in half. She tore up old newspapers to pack the cups and saucers. that’s torn it that has ruined what we were planning, that has spoilt everything (informal.) That’s torn it there’s a policeman coming! 3. to go very fast He tore across the platform, but just missed his train. She grabbed the dress and tore out of the shop. (NOTE: tearing tore torn )


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level