Run time

What is Run time?

Run time definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a person who runs away; fugitive; deserter.
a horse or team that has broken away from control.
the act of running away.

a decisive or easy victory.
a young person, especially a teenager, who has run away from home.

having run away; escaped; fugitive.
(of a horse or other animal) having escaped from the control of the rider or driver.
pertaining to or accomplished by running away or eloping: a runaway marriage.

easily won, as a contest: a runaway victory at the polls.
unchecked; rampant: runaway prices.
Informal. deserting or revolting against one’s group, duties, expected conduct, or the like, especially to establish or join a rival group, change one’s life drastically, etc.: The runaway delegates nominated their own candidate.