What is Question ?

Question is (noun) 1. a sentence which needs an answer The teacher couldn’t answer the children’s questions. Some of the questions in the exam were too difficult. The manager refused to answer questions from journalists about the fire. 2. a problem or matter The question is, who do we appoint to run the shop when we’re on holiday? The main question is that of cost. He raised the question of moving to a less expensive part of town. in question under discussion Please keep to the matter in question. it is out of the question it cannot possibly be done You cannot borrow any more money it’s out of the question. It’s out of the question for her to have any more time off. (verb) 1. to ask questions The police questioned the driver for four hours. 2. to suggest that something may be wrong We all question how accurate the computer printout is.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level