What is Hosting?

Hosting definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a person who receives or entertains guests at home or elsewhere: the host at a theater party.
a master of ceremonies, moderator, or interviewer for a television or radio program.
a person, place, company, or the like, that provides services, resources, etc., as for a convention or sporting event: Our city would like to serve as host for the next Winter Olympics.

the landlord of an inn.
a living animal or plant from which a parasite obtains nutrition.
Surgery. the recipient of a graft.Compare donor(def 2).

verb (used with object)
to be the host at (a dinner, reception, etc.): He hosted a reception for new members.
to act as host to: The vice president hosted the foreign dignitaries during their visit.

to act as master of ceremonies, moderator, or interviewer for: to host a popular talk show.

verb (used without object)
to perform the duties or functions of a host.