Eat high off the hog

What is Eat high off the hog?

Eat high off the hog definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a hoofed mammal of the family Suidae, order Artiodactyla, comprising boars and swine.
a domesticated swine weighing 120 pounds (54 kg) or more, raised for market.
a selfish, gluttonous, or filthy person.

Slang. a large, heavy impressively large luxury automobile.

Also hogg, hogget. British. a sheep about one year old that has not been shorn.the wool shorn from such a sheep.any of several other domestic animals, as a bullock, that are one year old.

Railroads Slang. a locomotive.
a machine for shredding wood.
Curling. a stone that stops before reaching the hog score.

verb (used with object), hogged, hog