What is Way?

Way is (noun) 1. a path or road which goes somewhere Our neighbours across the way. I’ll walk the first part of the way home with you. 2. a correct path or road to go somewhere Do you know the way to the post office? She showed us the way to the railway station. They lost their way and had to ask for directions. I’ll lead the way – just follow me. 3. on the way during a journey I’ll stop at the post office on my way to the restaurant. She’s on her way to the office. well on the way to nearly The repairs to the house are well on the way to being finished. to go out of your way to help someone to make a special effort to help someone 4. a particular direction from here a one-way street Can you tell which way the wind is blowing? This way please, everybody! 5. the means of doing something My mother showed me the way to make marmalade. Isn’t there any other way of making it? He thought of a way of making money quickly. The way she said it implied it was my fault. to get your own way to do what you want to do, even if other people don’t want you to do it (informal.) She always seems to get her own way. 6. to have it both ways to take advantage from two courses of action He wants to have it both ways, but he’ll soon realise he can’t. You can’t have it both ways – going out to the club every evening and saving money. in many ways almost completely In many ways, I think she is right. in some ways not completely In some ways she may be wrong. 7. a manner of behaving He spoke in a pleasant way. You will have to get used to the manager’s funny little ways. 8. distance The bank is quite a long way away. He’s got a long way to go before he qualifies as a doctor. 9. a space where someone wants to be or which someone wants to use Get out of my way – I’m in a hurry. It’s best to keep out of the way of the police for a moment. I wanted to take a short cut, but there was a lorry in the way. 10. progress, forward movement under way moving forwards The project is under way at last. 11. in a bad way very ill She’s in hospital and in a really bad way. (adv) far, a long distance away The bank is way beyond the Post Office. Their financial problems started way back in 1998. The price was way too high for me. way over your head difficult to understand The book was way over my head.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level