What is Service ?

Service is (noun) 1. a time when you work for a company or organisation or in the armed forces Did he enjoy his service in the army? She did six years’ service in the police. He was awarded a gold watch for his long service to the com- pany. He saw service in Northern Ireland. length of service the number of years someone has worked 2. the act of serving or helping someone in a shop or restaurant The food is good here, but the service is very slow. The bill includes an extra 10% for service. Is the service included? The bill does not include service. 3. a regular check of a machine The car has had its 20,000-kilometre service. 4. a group of peo- ple working together the ambulance ser- vice the (armed) services the army, the navy and the air force Have you thought about a career in the services? Service families often have to travel abroad. 5. the provision of a facility which the public needs Our train service to London is very bad. The postal service is efficient. The bus service is very irregular. The hotel provides a laundry service. the rent in- cludes services the rent includes the cost of water, gas and electricity 6. a favour, some- thing done for someone You would do me a great service if you could carry my suitcases for me. to be of service to someone to help someone (formal.) Can I be of service to anyone? 7. a religious ceremony My mother never misses the nine o’clock service on Sundays. 8. (in games like tennis) the ac- tion of hitting the ball first She has a very powerful service. 9. a set of china for a meal(verb) to keep a machine in good working order The car needs to be serviced every six months.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level