What is Present ?

Present is 1. a thing which you give to someone as a gift I got a watch as a Christmas present. How many birthday presents did you get? The office gave her a present when she got married. 2. the time we are in now The novel is set in the present. at present now The hotel still has some vacancies at present. for the present for now That will be enough for the present. 3. the form of a (verb) showing that the action is happening now The present of the (verb) ‘to go’ is ‘he goes’ or ‘he is going’. (adj) 1. being there when something happens How many people were present at the meeting? 2. at the time we are in now What is his present address? (verb) 1. to give something formally to someone as a present When he retired after thirty years, the firm presented him with a large clock. 2. to introduce a show on TV or radio She’s presenting a programme on gardening. 3. to present yourself to go to a place He was asked to present himself at the police station the next morning.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level