What is Kill?

Kill definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
verb (used with object)
to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death of; slay.
to destroy; do away with; extinguish: His response killed our hopes.

to destroy or neutralize the active qualities of: to kill an odor.
to spoil the effect of: His extra brushwork killed the painting.
to cause (time) to be consumed with seeming rapidity or with a minimum of boredom, especially by engaging in some easy activity or amusement of passing interest: I had to kill three hours before plane time.
to spend (time) unprofitably: He killed ten good years on that job.
Informal. to overcome completely or with irresistible effect: That comedian kills me.
to muffle or deaden: This carpet kills the sound of footsteps.
Informal. to cause distress or discomfort to: These new shoes are killing me.
Informal. to tire completely; exhaust: The long hike killed us.
Informal. to consume completely: They killed a bottle of bourbon between them.
to cancel publication of (a word, paragraph, item, etc.), especially after it has been set in type.
to defeat or veto (a legislative bill, etc.).
Electricity. to render (a circuit) dead.
to stop the operation of (machinery, engines, etc.): He killed the motor and the car stopped.
Tennis. to hit (a ball) with such force that its return is impossible.
Metallurgy. to deoxidize (steel) before teeming into an ingot mold. to eliminate springiness from (wire or the like). to cold-roll (sheet metal) after final heat treatment in order to eliminate distortion.

Ice Hockey. to prevent the opposing team from scoring in the course of (a penalty being served by a teammate or teammates).

verb (used without object)
to inflict or cause death.
to commit murder.

to be killed.
to overcome completely; produce an irresistible effect: dressed to kill.
Slang. to feel a smarting pain, as from a minor accident; sting: I stubbed my little toe and that really kills.

the act of killing, especially game: The hounds moved in for the kill.
an animal or animals killed.

a number or quantity killed.
an act or instance of hitting or destroying a target, especially an enemy aircraft.
the target so hit or, especially, destroyed.
Sports. kill shot.

Verb Phrases
kill off, to destroy completely; kill, especially successively or indiscriminately: The invaders killed off all the inhabitants of the town.Informal. to extinguish; eliminate: The bus ride every day kills off all of my energy.