What is Throw ?

Throw is (verb) 1. to send something through the air How far can he throw a cricket ball? They were throwing stones through car windows. She threw the letter into the wastepaper basket. He was thrown into the air by the blast from the bomb. 2. to throw a party to organise a party They threw a reception for the prize winners. 3. to shock someone At first, what the boss said threw me. 4. to make a clay pot on a wheel (NOTE: throwing threw has thrown ) (noun) 1. the act of throwing Her javelin throw beat the world record. He hurt his back after a throw from his horse. 2. only a stone’s throw from a place very near a place The hotel is only a stone’s throw from the beach. 3. a piece of material which you put over a chair or use as a carpet She gave me a piece of old Chinese silk as a throw to cover the sofa.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level