What is Rosette?

Rosette definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:

any arrangement, part, object, or formation more or less resembling a rose.
a rose-shaped arrangement of ribbon or other material, used as an ornament or badge.
Also rosace. an architectural ornament resembling a rose or having a generally circular combination of parts.
Botany. a circular cluster of leaves or other organs.
a broad ornamental head for a screw or nail.

  1. any of a number of disks of refined copper formed when cold water is thrown onto the molten metal.
  2. a rounded microconstituent of certain alloys.
Plant Pathology. any of several diseases of plants, characterized by the crowding of the foliage into circular clusters owing to a shortening of the internodes of stems or branches, caused by fungi, viruses, or nutritional deficiencies.
one of the compound spots on a leopard.