What is Roller?

Roller definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a person or thing that rolls.
a cylinder, wheel, caster, or the like, upon which something is rolled along.
a cylindrical body, revolving on a fixed axis, especially one to facilitate the movement of something passed over or around it.
a cylindrical object upon which something is rolled up: the roller of a window shade.
a hollow, cylindrical object of plastic, stiff net, or the like, upon which hair is rolled up for setting.
a cylindrical body for rolling over something to be spread out, leveled, crushed, smoothed, compacted, impressed, inked, etc.

any of various other revolving cylindrical bodies, as the barrel of a music box.
Metalworking. a person in charge of a rolling mill.
a long, swelling wave advancing steadily.
a rolled bandage.