Into thin air

What is Into thin air?

Into thin air definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and minute amounts of other gases that surrounds the earth and forms its atmosphere.
a stir in the atmosphere; a light breeze.

overhead space; sky: The planes filled the air.
circulation; publication; publicity: to give air to one’s theories.
the general character or complexion of anything; appearance: His early work had an air of freshness and originality.
the peculiar look, appearance, and bearing of a person: There is an air of mystery about him.
airs, affected or unnatural manner; manifestation of pride or vanity; assumed haughtiness: He acquired airs that were insufferable to his friends.
Music. a tune; melody. the soprano or treble part. an aria.Also ayre. an Elizabethan art song.

aircraft as a means of transportation: to arrive by air; to ship goods by air.
Informal. air conditioning or an air-conditioning system: The price includes tires, radio, and air.
Sports. (during an airborne stunt) the height between the ground and an athlete or an athlete with his or her equipment: The BMX course was designed for riders to get good air. such a jump or other airborne stunt: The snowboarder took first place with four clean airs.

Radio. the medium through which radio waves are transmitted.
Archaic. breath.

verb (used with object)
to expose to the air; give access to the open air; ventilate (often followed by out): We air the bedrooms every day.
to expose ostentatiously; bring to public notice; display: to air one’s opinions; to air one’s theories.

to broadcast or televise.

verb (used without object)
to be exposed to the open air (often followed by out): Open the window and let the room air out.
to be broadcast or televised.

operating by means of air pressure or by acting upon air: an air drill; an air pump.
of or relating to aircraft or to aviation: air industry.

taking place in the air; aerial: air war.