In place

What is In place?

In place definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
a particular portion of space, whether of definite or indefinite extent.
space in general: time and place.

the specific portion of space normally occupied by anything: The vase is in its place. Every item on the shelf had its place.
a space, area, or spot, set apart or used for a particular purpose: a place of worship; a place of entertainment.
any part or spot in a body or surface: a decayed place in a tree.
a particular passage in a book or writing: to find the place where one left off reading.
a space or seat for a person, as in a theater, train, etc.: Please save my place for me.
position, situation, or circumstances: I would complain if I were in your place.
a proper or appropriate location or position: A restaurant is not the place for an argument.
a job, post, or office: persons in high places.
a function or duty: It is not your place to offer criticism.
proper sequence or relationship, as of ideas, details, etc.: My thoughts began to fall into place.
high position or rank: aristocrats of power and place.
a region or area: to travel to distant places.
an open space, or square, as in a city or town.
a short street, a court, etc.
a portion of space used for habitation, as a city, town, or village: Trains rarely stop in that place anymore.
a building, location, etc., set aside for a specific purpose: He will soon need a larger place for his expanding business.
a part of a building: The kitchen is the sunniest place in the house.
a residence, dwelling, or house: Please come and have dinner at my place.
lieu; substitution (usually followed by of): Use yogurt in place of sour cream.
a step or point in order of proceeding: in the first place.
a fitting or promising opportunity: There’s a place in this town for a man of his talents.
a reasonable ground or occasion: This is no place for such an outburst.
Arithmetic. the position of a figure in a series, as in decimal notation.Usually places. the figures of the series.

Drama. one of the three unities.Compare unity(def 8).
Sports. a position among the leading competitors, usually the first, second, or third at the finish line. the position of the competitor who comes in second in a horse race, harness race, etc.Compare show(def 27), win1(def 17).

places, Theater. a call summoning performers for the beginning of a performance or an act.
room or space for entry or passage: to make place for the gentry.

verb (used with object), placed, plac