Foot traffic

What is Foot traffic?

Foot traffic definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
the basis or foundation on which anything is established.
the act of one who moves on foot, as in walking or dancing.
a secure and established position.
a place or support for the feet; surface to stand on; foothold.
a firm placing of the feet; stability: He regained his footing.
Building Trades, Civil Engineering. the part of a foundation bearing directly upon the earth.

position or status assigned to a person, group, etc., in estimation or treatment.
mutual standing; reciprocal relation: to be on a friendly footing with someone.
entrance into a new position or relationship: to gain a footing in society.
a fee demanded from a person upon entrance into a trade, society, etc.
the act of adding a foot to something, as to a stocking.
that which is added as a foot.
the act of adding up a column of figures.
the total of such a column.