final settlement (final transfer)

What is final settlement (final transfer)?

final settlement (final transfer) definition and meaning on Finance terms:
A settlement or transfer is final when it is unconditional, enforceable and irrevocable, even in the framework of insolvency proceedings opened against a participant (except in the case of criminal offences or fraudulent acts, as determined by a competent court). In the European context, a distinction is made between: 1) the enforceability of a transfer order which is binding on third parties and protected from insolvency risks, provided that the transfer order was entered in the relevant system, in accordance with the rules of that system, prior to the opening of insolvency proceedings (with transfer orders entered in a system following the opening of insolvency proceedings being legally enforceable only in exceptional circumstances); and 2) the irrevocability of a transfer order which cannot be revoked by the participants as of the point in time laid down in the rules of that system. Finality of transfer order is distinguished from finality of transfer, when entitlement is legally transferred to a receiver. <