What is Non-budgetary?

Non-budgetary definition and meaning on Dictionary terms:
an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future.
a plan of operations based on such an estimate.
an itemized allotment of funds, time, etc., for a given period.

the total sum of money set aside or needed for a purpose: the construction budget.
a limited stock or supply of something: his budget of goodwill.
Obsolete. a small bag; pouch.

reasonably or cheaply priced: budget dresses.

verb (used with object), budgA.etA.ed,
to plan allotment of (funds, time, etc.).
to deal with (specific funds) in a budget.

verb (used without object), budgA.etA.ed,
to subsist on or live within a budget.