What is Clear ?

Clear is (adj) 1. with nothing in the way You can cross the road – it’s clear now. From the window, she had a clear view of the street. 2. with no clouds or mist a clear blue sky On a clear day, you can see the other side of the lake. 3. easily understood She made it clear that she wanted us to go. The instructions on the computer screen are not very clear. Will you give me a clear answer – yes or no? 4. which is not covered and which you can easily see through a clear glass window 5. (of a period of time) complete It will take a clear week to process the information. three clear days three whole working days Allow three clear days for the cheque to be paid into the bank.(verb) 1. to remove something which is in the way Snowploughs cleared the railway line of snow or cleared the snow from the railway line. We’ll get a plumber to clear the blocked pipe in the bathroom. to clear the table to take away things such as knives, forks and plates after a meal to clear your throat to cough slightly to get your voice ready for speaking 2. to clear a cheque to pass a cheque through the banking system, so that the money is transferred from one account to another The cheque took ten days to clear or the bank took ten days to clear the cheque. 3. to sell cheaply in order to get rid of stock ‘demonstration models to clear’ If we reduce the price we’ll clear the stock in no time. 4. (of a court) to find that someone is not guilty The court cleared him of all the charges. 5. to go over the top of something without touching it She cleared 1.3m in the high jump.(adv) not close Stand clear of the doors, please. I would advise you to stay clear of that dog.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level